What type of grinder is required?

Can I use any grinder? What about pre-ground coffee or coffee from my local shop?

Unless brewing on the NEO/with the Flow Control Portafilter, it is imperative that you use a high quality, espresso-capable burr grinder paired with freshly roasted, whole beans ground to size right before use.

All models aside from the NEO feature "non-pressurized" portafilters, crafting true espresso, and therefore require use of a very fine, consistent grind to build resistance in the brew head to create pressure. You must have an espresso-capable grinder to take your shot into your own hands and find the perfect size for your specific roast, dose, bean freshness, etc. 

Note that pre-ground coffee or coffee ground from your local shop will not work, as it will not be "dialed-in" to your specific variables. Additionally, you won't achieve a beautiful crema, as the CO2 that creates it begins to escape once ground. 

If you're looking for a grinder recommendation, we of course recommend our Royal Grinder - learn more here.

If not ready or able to upgrade your grinder, don't fret! You can still brew with Flair with the NEO. Check out our Buyer's Guide to confirm which unit is best for you.