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What is the claims process for lost/mis-delivered packages?

If your package has not arrived after the estimated delivery window has passed, and you did not purchase Route protection at the time of purchase, please email us directly for further assistance.

We will file an investigation with the courier, in order to confirm the package is indeed lost or was mishandled. If that is the case, the courier will approve a claim and a replacement will be provided. However, please note we must wait for the claim to be closed/approved before we are able to proceed. This may take up to several weeks. 

If a package was mis-delivered due to an incorrect address, please note this is not covered. 

If a package was marked as delivered, and the courier provides GPS coordinates of the delivery scan, matching the delivery address, a claim will be denied unless a police report for a stolen package is provided (video footage from a doorbell camera is also very helpful, if attainable). 

We are only able to provide replacements for lost packages covered under the couriers policies. This is why we strongly recommend adding Route package protection at the time of purchase, as it is more comprehensive and provides quicker/easier resolutions. 

As always, we will be there to help however possible and hope no Flairistas encounter such trouble!