What BAR should I target on my Pressure Gauge, and how long should I aim to hold that pressure?

Brewing times and pressure will vary depending on your personal taste and the model used. 

On standard models (Classic, Signature, and PRO), you will typically target an extraction between 35-45 seconds at 6-9 bar pressure, sustained. 

Light roasts might require even more time for proper extraction, as well as an 8-15 second pre-infusion to prepare the bed of coffee beforehand. Everything starts with the grind and dose, which creates the optimum resistance to achieve desired pressure and brewing time. Use the Brew Chart below to adjust your grind and dose appropriately so that you can target your ideal pressure and time.


Note that on the Flair 58/58x, your extraction time may be slightly shorter (25-35 seconds), due to the wider and shallower coffee bed.