My Pressure Gauge is leaking/has condensation inside.

Please remove the pressure gauge from the stem and check the condition and presence of the o-rings on the gauge and in the stem's pocket. If you see any nicks or tears, the o-ring will need to be replaced.

Please scrutinize the stem itself for any cracks/micro-cracks along the body. If present, the stem will need to be replaced.

If within our warranty period for these parts, contact us

If no nicks or tears are present, check inside the stem pocket for any debris or burrs. Ensure the o-ring in the pocket is centered and well-seated, and not blocking the port in any way. Reinstall your gauge, leaving 0-1 threads visible, and reattempt. Sometimes, this simple reset will eliminate the concern: Be careful not to over-tighten the gauge, as you'll risk disarranging the pocket o-ring. It needs only to be snug. 

If the leak persists, contact us

If water has entered your gauge, either due to a leak or exposure to water/steam, rest assured it will not cause permanent damage. Simple remove the gauge from the stem, remove the gauge guard, and place the opening in the housing (near the gauge arm) towards a window or fan to dry out. You can expedite this process by removing the gauge's face cap: As you would when removing the lid off a can of paint, make your way around the perimeter while carefully prying it off.