What is a Verification Request?

After completing your purchase, you may receive a Verification Request from our team.

In order to best protect our customers from potentially fraudulent purchases, we have a sensitive fraud filter in place. Orders may be flagged in our payment system, and when that occurs, an additional verification step will be required: We will request a photo of the card used, showing the card holder's name and the last four digits (all other information should be covered). This is legitimate and safe to proceed, as we are simply looking to match the information shown to the information already on file, to ensure the card is in physical possession of the card holder. 

Orders are most commonly flagged due to a difference in billing and shipping addresses, incorrect card information, or if a foreign bank card is used. 

This request, if received, will come from "verification@flairespresso.com"

If you are not comfortable proceeding with this verification step, kindly reply back to the email and alternative options will be provided: Most commonly, cancelling the card payment and proceeding via PayPal, or shipping to the billing address provided.