How does the NEO Flex differ from other Flair models?

The NEO Flex is perfect for beginners!

The NEO Flex comes with our Flow Control Portafilter (a "pressurized portafilter"), allowing users to brew espresso without requiring an espresso-capable grinder or fresh, whole beans. Thanks to its inner "Flow Control" properties, the passage of water through the portafilter is restricted, ensuring pressure is built within the brew head even if a too coarse or inconsistent grind size is used. You can even use pre-ground coffee! 

While this does limit the potential quality of the espresso - as you cannot dial-in the grind size to your specific preferences - it is a wonderful option for those new to the world of espresso, or without access to the additional equipment or time required of our additional other models. 

However, it also comes standard with our Bottomless 2-in-1 portafilter (a "non-pressurized" portafilter), meaning the grind size must be very fine, and very consistent, to slow the flow of water through the brew head to craft this same pressure, and therefore, genuine espresso. 

This allows users to grow as they go with their NEO Flex. 

Other key differences include the polycarbonate frame compared to other Flair's aluminum frame, and an incompatibility with the Pressure Gauge Kit and Custom Carrying Case.