How do I remedy a clog in my Flow Control Portafilter?

Your NEO Flex comes with a red Flow Control 2 Portafilter. If you believe a clog is present, attempt the following:

First, fill the portafilter with off-boil water and leave for 1-2 minutes.
Carefully empty and leave the portafilter and spout (separated) upside down to dry overnight.
Next, attempt a cool, water-only shot with your complete NEO Flex placed on a bodyweight scale to monitor your force application: Do not exceed 40-50 lbs of force applied to the lever. Do not use coffee grounds or your dispersion screen during this test. 
This should remove any loosened residue. If a smooth flow is achieved, proceed with a coarser grind size to prevent a repeat clog, and enjoy!
If you are still unable to achieve a smooth flow after this procedure, remove your spout (which houses the Flow Control properties) and try another water-only shot. If you are now able to achieve a smooth flow, you know the clog is isolated to your spout and you will need to snag and swap in a replacement spout here to get back to brewing.
If you are unable to achieve a smooth flow at this weight application, with the spout removed, carefully terminate your attempt by slowly releasing the lever and contact us for potential replacement routes/next steps. The basket itself, while rare, may be clogged beyond remedy. 
Note a coarser grind size should always be used with the Flow Control Portafilter, to prevent clogs/build-up and to allow its properties to work without being compounded too much. Target a grind size similar to the consistency of kosher salt.