How do I maintain the PRO2 portafilter holder's copper finish?

I want to keep the copper looking brand new, or address tarnishing that has developed.

The PRO2 portafilter holder boasts a copper finish. In order to keep it looking its best, remove the brew head after use and wipe the area down with a clean cloth (using no chemicals or cleaners). Make sure all parts are dry before reinstalling to avoid a galvanic reaction. If coffee residue is left behind, the acidity can damage the finish overtime in the form of discoloration or corrosion. 

The copper finish was changed in 2020 from a shiny plating to a matte, textured application: This increased its durability. If you have a "shiny" portafilter holder, and have noticed slight surface blemishing, we recommend use of this metal polish. It does a great job of removing surface discoloration that has not developed into a full-on chip. 

If, however, your copper finish has tarnished beyond surface level, resulting in chipped/missing material, polish will not work. Please contact us for replacement options, but kindly note that as this is related to use/care, it is not covered under our standard warranty. 

Regardless of your copper finish (shiny or matte), we also recommend use of a PRO/PRO2 portafilter sleeve if your portafilter does not already have one (distinguishable by the added "lip"). Not only does it help with thermal stability and handling as designed, but as a bonus, it also provides an extra buffer between the portafilter and holder.