How do I clean my PRO2?

How do I clean my PRO2 and its parts, and how often should I?

To clean the Press Stand: After each use, remove the brew head and wipe down your Press Stand with a clean cloth. Pay special care when wiping down the copper portafilter holder after each use: The acidity in any coffee residue left behind can damage the copper finish over time.

Do not use any cleaning products or chemicals. 

To clean your brew head cylinder: Simply remove the plunger (using your dosing cup/tamper to push it up and out of the top) and wipe down the inside. 

Clean as needed or as desired: The dispersion screen will help prevent coffee grounds from entering the cylinder, so it will stay quite clean after each brew! 

To clean your dispersion screen: Simply rinse with high-pressure using your sink sprayer after use. 

To clean your portafilter: Knock out the puck after use and rinse under the faucet until clean. 

To clean your plunger: Rinse with water once removed from the cylinder and dry with a clean cloth. Afterwards, it is good practice to lightly lubricate the o-rings to re-encourage smooth travel, as you will have rinsed away the natural coffee oils that built-up. Simply apply a light application of food-safe oil and wipe away the excess. The plunger rarely requires cleaning, as it is only exposed to your brew water.