How do I assemble my Flair 58/x?

Learn how to assemble your press stand, brew head, plunger stem, and 3-piece lever hook.

To assemble your Flair 58/x, kindly reference the Quick Start guide (provided in the box, or downloadable here). 

For more in-depth instructions:

To assemble your Press Stand, we recommend inverting your assembly (as shown in this assembly process video) to give you the best approach and progressively tighten both bolts at the same time (switching between the two), as you would treat lug nuts when changing a tire. That should help keep things in line!

To install your brew head: Make sure the set screw on the brew head base is sufficiently loosened. Install brew cylinder onto brew base. Rotate counterclockwise to lock. Tighten set screw fully on the Flair 58.

Do not rotate, reposition, or remove the silicone sleeve as you may cause the brew head to fail. Never attempt to remove the permanently affixed cylinder cord (present on Flair 58s purchased before May 2023). 

To install your plunger stem: Determine which iteration of the plunger you have (either double slotted or single slotted) and proceed accordingly

Double slot plunger: Align (a) plunger stem tab to slots on valve plunger. Rotate (b) stem to lock. Gauge will face front. If the plunger slots are incorrectly oriented, preventing your plunger stem from locking in at the correct orientation, use your stem to pull/wiggle the plunger out of the brew head, and reinsert at the correct orientation: Plunger slots should be at the 12 and 6 o'clock position. 

Single slot plunger: (a) Locate slot on plunger (b) Insert stem tab under plunger lip opposite slot (c) Lower second tab into slot and rotate stem to lock - gauge will face front

Note: It is normal to have to reorient the plunger with use of the Plunger Key or stem every so often, as it will incrementally rotate with use. Always ensure stem tabs and plunger slots are not aligned before brewing, or your stem will disengage. 

To assemble your 3 piece lever hook:  Disassemble 3-piece lever hook, lower and attach to stem, & reinsert the latch & pin to lock hook to stem. Assembled lever hook will enclose stem & lock in place. Latch will fit into notches on opposite sides of hook. A tutorial video can be viewed here. Do not brew without properly locking/latching this assembly.