How do I adjust the grind size on the Royal?

How do I set the grind size to a coarser or finer setting? How do I find my "zero"?

Your Royal will arrive on "zero."

To adjust: 

1. Lift crown up until you “feel” a click and it is fully disengaged from the base. 

2. Turn crown to adjust grind size.

- Turning clockwise (increasing numbers) increases grind size (coarser).

Turning counter-clockwise (decreasing numbers) decreases grind size (finer). 

3. Lock grind adjustment by pushing crown down until it clicks into base. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 12.11.33 PM

To find "zero" (or your "starting point") again:

1. Rotate the crown counter-clockwise until your feel the burrs start to "kiss" (resistance felt).

2. Advance the crown clockwise to the nearest "zero." This is your starting point, or "zero," and you have three full adjustment rotations (clockwise) from there.